Support us

We provide support to poor and marginalized patients who cannot afford treatment. These supports are made possible by the donation of philanthropic individuals and organizations. You can also contribute.

Sponsor a patient

You can sponsor a child’s treatment fully or partially. The monthly cost of treatment of a thalassemia patient is about 5000Tk. (62.5 USD). This amount covers for the following –

Item Unit Cost Cost USD
Blood transfusion 1 bag 1500tk 18.75$
Medicine (iron chelators) 1 month 3000tk 37.5$
Investigation 500tk 6.15$
Total 5000tk 62.5$

Bank Accounts

Bangladesh Thalassemia Foundation
A/C# 1007200110001
IFIC Bank, Shantinagar Branch

Bangladesh Thalassemia Foundation
A/C# 00100210010690
NCC Bank, Dhanmondi Branch

Thalassemia Foundation Hospital
A/C# 1141070093410
Eastern Bank Ltd., Shantinagar Branch


Donate Your Zakat

Zakat fund is the lifeline for a large number of patients. Poor patients get partial to full treatment cost subsidized by Zakat fund. During 2016, we had collected 514,200 Taka as zakat and supported 628 patients over the course of the year.

Our zakat fund bank account –

Bangladesh Thalassemia Foundation (Zakat Fund)
A/C# 1007276293001
IFIC Bank, Shantinagar Branch, Dhaka

Donate Zakat

Donate blood

Thalassemia patient lives by taking 1-2 bags of blood every month. We do about 600 blood transfusions every month. You can donate blood every three months.