What is thalassemia?

Thalassemia is a hereditary blood disorder that causes severe anemia in children. These patients need 1-2 bags of blood every month to survive. Thalassemia is very common in Bangladesh. 7% of our population are thalassemia carriers and every year 7000 new babies are born with thalassemia in Bangladesh. This disease is can be easily prevented with proper knowledge and awareness.

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Who we are?

Bangladesh Thalassemia Foundation is a non profit organization working on prevention and treatment of thalassemia. To address the lack of awareness and treatment facility, the foundation was established in 2002 with group of thalassemia patients, family member, friends and well wishers. We aims to eradicate the disease form Bangladesh by raising awareness and pre-marital screening.

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Thalassemia Foundation Hospital

Thalassemia Foundation Hospital is a specialized 20 bedded hospital situated in Shantinagar, Dhaka. We provide comprehensive treatment including blood transfusion, specialist consultation, iron chelator medicines and laboratory test as a one stop service. We are currently treating 3200 thalassemia patients coming from 62 districts of the country.