The center is unique that it arranges blood for the patients so that patients and their guardians need not go through the hassle of procuring blood from blood banks. We give day care transfusion under supervision of a doctor.

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We provide medical consultation to the patients and refer them to specialist if required. We provide counseling to the patient and families regarding treatment and prevention.

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Blood Bank

Our blood bank is dedicated to welfare of thalassemia patients. All the essential blood tests are available in this center.

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Our awareness program creates awareness about thalassemia and shows how to prevent it. We arrange prenatal diagnosis for the thalassemia carrier couple.

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BTF requests Dr. Muhammad Yunus to be the voice for Thalassemia in Bangladesh

Dr. Muhammad Yunu<br />
Noble laureate Dr. Muhammad Yunus has expressed his keen interest in alleviating the sufferings of thalassemia in Bangladesh. The remark was made in a meeting with the delegates of Bangladesh Thalassemia Foundation (BTF) held on 21 July, 2009 at his office, Grameen Bank, Dhaka. There was an elaborate discussion on thalassemia. Dr. Md. Abdur Rahim, Secretary General, BTF briefly discussed the cause and suffering of the disease, treatment, cure and preventive measures. He also overviewed the thalassemia situation in Bangladesh. He mentioned that 7% of theĀ  Bangladeshi population are thalassemia carriers which equals more than 10 million people and each year 7000 new babies born with thalassemia. Dr. Yunus was alarmed by the prevalence of the disease and expressed his deep concern about the lifelong suffering and expensive treatment of the disease.

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